I offer to Your attention some information about unique computer programs for solving tasks in the automatic mode for systems of essentially nonlinear integro-differential algebraic equations (IDAE) (for one-, two- and three-dimensional boundary and initial-boundary correct tasks). The tasks on solving of IDAE with partial derivatives in this research were set and solved, accordingly to the author’s opinion, for the first time ever. While using automotive mode for getting results of solving it is enough to input the text of equations in usual form and of the task’s numerical parameters in accord with enclosed instructions into computer memory. Results of solving are got in the form of text files and graphs of functions and their derivatives.

The programs for noncommercial use here are submitted:

1. One-dimensional boundary tasks (BOUNDS1-D)
2. Two-dimensional boundary tasks (BOUNDS2-D)
3. Three-dimensional boundary tasks (BOUNDS3-D)
4. One-dimensional tasks Коши (CASHY1-D)
5. Two-dimensional initial-boundary tasks (CASHY2-D)
6. Three-dimensional  initial-boundary tasks (CASHY3-D)

Prof.  Nikolay  Bandurin

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Keywords:  essential nonlinear integro-differential  algebraic equations,  essential nonlinear  integro-differential equations, numerical methods, bounds tasks, initial-bounds tasks, Bandurin